We have 3 key principles:

Architect, you are a citizen

&rchitecture is a way of making a difference, creating affective cities and buildings. You are already something - & - architecture. Let’s not minimise the human to become architects. The real world of the city and its citizens is our focus - Architecture is a power we bring to it. Architect, you are the discipline of architecture.

Bring difference home

Difference is not a mistake, Creativity is by definition acting differently. Learning how to be and control creativity involves being comfortable around difference. We often end up trying to eradicate it - seeing it as error or deviation from our ideal, imagined intentions. &rchitecture aims to celebrate and engage with difference and make it at home in our processes.

Start somewhere else

How will we engage with the real world and remain human whilst using the power of architecture? Avoid the dull and normative understandings of the genius architect as either Artist or Scientist. The problematic and implicit presumptions of the old boys club lead to structural inequality and institutional discrimination. Instead make our assumptions open to difference and enable creativity.

Atelier Staff

Stephen McCusker
Stephen McCusker Senior Lecturer View profile
Dr Mark Hammond
Dr Mark Hammond Senior Lecturer View profile
Professor Stefan White
Professor Stefan White Professor of Architecture View profile
Dr Cagri Sanliturk
Dr Cagri Sanliturk Tutor
Sam Holden
Sam Holden Tutor
Dr Jos Boys
Dr Jos Boys Tutor
Phillip Hall-Patch
Phillip Hall-Patch Tutor
Professor Stephen Walker
Professor Stephen Walker Professor of Architectural Humanities View profile
Eddy Fox
Eddy Fox Senior Lecturer View profile