By valuing the existing experience of our students we do not underestimate the politics involved in making space so we encourage robust and open discussions in studio. We are interested in activating projects aiming to affect our own personal forms of practice and help each student redefine their experience beyond the Architecture School as well as in the wider context of our profession. Projects might be a building, a network, a masterplan or series of methodologies but all act as tools to transform the social, political and economic conditions of a place, institution or district. One thing to point out is that it might seem at first that women are the sole subject matter/ focus of Feminism and initially in earlier waves of feminism this has been the case but the ultimate goal is equity for all genders and in PRAXXIS we take an intersectional approach to the subject where the various layers of what we see as social characteristics (class, race, sexual orientation, age, disability and gender) do not exist separately from each other but are interwoven as a complex matrix. We want to undertake projects that analyse how interlocking systems of power impact on those who are most marginalised in society and through this we can explore what feminist architecture looks like.

We see our studio as a safe space and a brave space for the projects to emerge. A space to talk. A space to share. A space for the voices of others. A space to engage with others. A space to mentor. A space to be feminist. A space to tell stories. A space to question. A space to discuss what is not discussed. A space to look outside of ourselves.

Atelier Staff

Helen Iball
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Rachel Newton
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Sarah Renshaw
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Dr Debapriya Chakrabarti
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Rachel Carter-Jones
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Tommy Harrison
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Roxanne Kanda
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Jess Mulvey
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