PRAXXIS is female-led feminist studio atelier and research collective at the MSA in MLA2, MArch years 1&2 and BA3. We take an inclusive; socially driven approach through the lens of intersectional feminism, to explore the inequalities in society and the built environment. Intersectionality acknowledges that the various layers of social and human characteristics—class, race, sexual identity, religion, age, disability, marriage status and gender identity do not exist separately from each other but are interwoven as a complex matrix. Studio for us is a platform where theoretical transdisciplinary practices are set up, a studio space of exchanges and dialogues where you can ask uncomfortable questions and explore potential futures.

For the year-long thesis project our MLA2 students use feminist tools as a way of constructing project briefs that respond to the personal and the political. Each individual project explores inclusive understandings of how our identity affects our life and our work. By defining a project from a personal position (an experience or simply a passion) and placing it within a political context, project work often results in the re-definition of systems—a key tenant of feminism. The objective is to alter the existing system for the inclusion of others, and primarily create equity for others. The projects are vast in their scale and scope and hugely inspirational.

Praxxis asks our students frequently what kind of Feminist Landscape Architect do you want to be?

Please check our work out on Instagram and Twitter on @praxxis_f

Manston Immigration Centre



Sam Chi, Huaijin Jian, Jessica Peach, Anjana Suresh