This year we welcomed our biggest ever cohort of conversion students into the MSA as well as two new full-time senior lecturers, and more landscape tutors. It’s an exciting time as we grow and develop our course and staff team.

The MLA at MSA is characterised by a range of interdisciplinary collaborations and diverse approaches to landscape architecture. Since 2019, when we implemented a structure of aligned teaching with our sister courses across the MSA, this variety is embedded into our curriculum. Our strategy is to provide a forward-thinking course to prepare landscape architects to work confidently within multi-discipline teams. In our MLA2 studio units, students experience is enriched by conversations, co-teaching and working with students of architecture on jointly produced thesis projects. Developing the theoretical and distinctive approaches that students can take in their final year has been facilitated this year by two ateliers (Praxxis and Some Kind of Nature). Next year we are excited to be adding two more MSA ateliers to the landscape options. In December 2022 we were delighted to see our first cohort graduating with a degree from both University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, and our current students now have access to all the facilities in both institutions.

Our largest ever network of landscape practitioners, academics and external partners have made generous and insightful contributions to our courses through lectures, guest tutorials, practitioner reviews and visits. We’d like to thank everyone who has engaged with us and our fantastic students, and we’re looking forward to what next year brings.