In the UK, students must complete a minimum of 24 months of PPE (Professional Practical Experience) before they register as an Architect. This experience is generally recorded through the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) using their Professional Experience and Development Record (PEDR). There is a requirement for this to be reviewed and signed by a Construction Professional mentor and then by a Professional Studies Advisor (PSA). Our Professional Studies Advisor Service uses registered architects to monitor the quarterly PEDRs, giving each candidate guidance and feedback every few months. This not only underlines the expertise we feel is required for, and relevant to this service but, reassures candidates that advice and guidance is from individuals who maintain currency in the profession and have successfully completed the Registration process themselves.

What is a PSA?

A Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) is a member of staff at a school of architecture/provider offering RIBA validated qualifications, who has responsibility for teaching professional studies and/or for monitoring students during their professional experience (at Stage 1 or 2, typically recorded through PEDR).

A PSA will work with employers and students in a joint effort to ensure the best possible professional development experience for students. PSAs can also advise employers and students on all aspects of professional experience, including matters such as salary levels and student capabilities.

Who is the PSA Mentoring Service for?

  • Students undertaking their Stage 1 PPE (Professional Practical Experience) – between Parts 1 and 2
  • Students undertaking their Stage 2 PPE (Professional Practical Experience) - between Part 2 and 3
  • Part 2 graduates who have not yet started a Part 3 programme
  • Apprentices who wish to record and reflect on their practice

What is Included?

  • Introductory meeting with your PSA, either face to face, via Teams or over the phone
  • Semi-annual gathering/events in June and December where all PSA candidates and staff have an opportunity to meet at the Manchester School of Architecture (MSA), share experiences, pick-up tips and hear about develop their knowledge of architectural practice.
  • Availability to purchase PSA service via MMU Online eStore
  • Fee per quarterly PEDR record: £40

NOTE: Access to the RIBA's digital PEDR platform UK is NOT included – you can register for this separately at

Further information

If you have any queries about the service please contact the PSA Mentoring team:

How to register

Please use the provided eStore link to register and make your payment.

The registration process will collect general details and you will also be required to complete the form with questions that help us allocate a personal PSA for you.

Examples of how to fill out these questions are set out below:

Question Answer
Level of Study: (e.g. Part 1 Part 2 or Part 3)
Relevant Period of Placement: (Enter up to 12 weeks or 3 months e.g. 01.07.21-30.09.21)
Name of enterprise/practice for relevant placement: (e.g. MMU Estates, BDP)
Location of enterprise/practice for relevant placement: (e.g. London, Manchester)
Primary place of Study: (e.g. Part 1 at MSA, BSc at Hong Kong)
Secondary place of Study: (e.g. Part 2 at MSA, MArch at Hong Kong or 'None')