Providing space for innovation

Our contemporary studios are located in the purpose built Manchester School of Art at Manchester Metropolitan University, with panoramic views of the city’s skyline.

Enabling your creative vision

Whether you’re creating a presentation model, experimenting with materials or devising a conceptual way to show your ideas, our facilities at Manchester School of Architecture will enable you to fulfil your ambitious creative visions.

A selection of our wide range of facilities include:

B15 Workshop

B.15 Model Making Workshop

Facilities and advice for the production of scale development and presentation models. In line with industry standards, the workshop contains digital fabrication technology, alongside equipment for core manufacturing techniques.

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Computer Aided Manufacture

Contains a 5 CNC Axis router to shape a wide variety of materials and laser cutters.


Wood Workshop

Wood Plastics and Foam Workshops

Specialist facilities for working with materials include a machine shop with hand power tools, plastic and foam fabrication equipment, vacuum forming facilities, and a fabrication area for processes such as stretcher-making, mitre cutting and bag pressing.


Photography and Editing Suites

Photography and Editing Suites

Facilities include studios, dark rooms, high end film scanning and film processing.


Print Workshop

Print Workshops

Facilities for producing books, posters and other print materials such as bookbinding traditional letterpress and digital risograph printing.


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Metal Workshops

Equipment for large and fine metalwork, including jewellery making, traditional blacksmithing, forging, metal fabrication, machining and welding.


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Material Stores and AV Store

Material stores offer an array of items to create your projects with, such as paper, pens, paint, sketchbooks, computer storage media and a whole range of other items. The AV Store enables students to borrow a range of audio visual equipment and a short term basis such as camcorders, lighting, digital cameras and much more.


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IT Resources

Computer clusters are available on both campuses, studio spaces has PC workstations with industry-standard computer-aided design, visualisation, image editing, print and web design software. Studios also have standard and large format print facilities, and WiFi.

Facilitating your research

As an architecture student at Manchester School of Architecture, you have access to the libraries at The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University.

The University of Manchester has one of the best-resourced libraries in the UK, with more than four million printed books, over 500,000 eBooks and access to more than 40,000 electronic journals as well as hundreds of online databases.

Manchester Metropolitan University has a nationally recognised art and design collection with special collections including Manchester Society of Architects’ Library, which holds important and rare books on the history of architecture. Also, the University’s Visual Resources Centre covers a spectrum of subjects including architecture, art, design, film, popular media and social history.

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