About Us

The MSSA is a completely student led society at Manchester School of Architecture, we work closely with students, tutors, lecturers and collaborators inside and outside the school to deliver an improved student life for our 800+ members. We aim to celebrate students of architecture by enabling experiences that put us into the city. We present students with a wide range of experiences and ideas through academic and social events. The society encourages and promotes new ideas within the school, providing students the opportunity to put on events that they believe in. We are immensely proud of our team this year with some of the biggest and best events we have done so far - club nights, guest lectures by some incredible speakers, debates, campaigns, competitions and more. The MSSA has a genuine interest in bettering the university experience, providing skills workshops and even tea and coffee (in real and virtual settings) to improve the studio environment. Year on year the society has grown and outdone itself and we are excited to show you what we have planned for the next academic year.


Membership of the MSSA is automatic and free for all students of Manchester School of Architecture. Unlike many student societies of architecture, we do not charge fee of entry for the society, and believe in representation across the entire school regardless of age or background.

We are the UK’s largest student society of architecture, representing over 800 students across two universities and an art school. We are committed to providing varied opportunities to reflect the diverse aspirations of our members.

MSSA Committee

Our committee is represented by students across the years at MSA, we encourage involvement from all our members and are always looking to increase member representation on the committee, we want to hear your ideas. We meet every Thursday at 9am, Chatham 8th floor open studio, feel free to come along!

Rory Thomas

Rory Thomas Chair
Alexander John Wallace

Alexander John Wallace Vice Chair
Omar El Amine

Omar El Amine Treasurer
Jamie Loh

Jamie Loh Secretary
Mylan Thuroczy

Mylan Thuroczy Public Relations Officer
Eve Talty-Sanghera

Eve Talty-Sanghera Social Sec
Reičela Zapevalova

Reičela Zapevalova MSADU coordinator
Simon Guerbet

Simon Guerbet MSA&U coordinator
Paula Bruvere

Paula Bruvere MSADU coordinator
Chada El Alami

Chada El Alami Merch coordinator
Maryam Ajoor

Maryam Ajoor Merch coordinator
Reni Koycheva

Reni Koycheva Second Year Rep
Mike Rostock

Mike Rostock Masters Rep
Anna Bezulska

Anna Bezulska Set Design
Toby Goldsmith

Toby Goldsmith Set Design
Louie Levison

Louie Levison WOAH coordinator
Alicia Desmay

Alicia Desmay BY30 coordinator
Lukas Somodi

Lukas Somodi BY30 coordinator
Olivia Marshall

Olivia Marshall ASN coordinator

Events and Activities

The MSSA is committed to organising events, both social and academic, to improve the experience of our members. Take a look at our calendar and follow our social media to keep informed about the latest MSSA events and socials. Contact our Social Secretaries to learn more about our events or to get involved.



MSSA Zine is an independent student-led zine focussing on one spatial re-invention per issue. Themes are chosen based on challenging conventional concepts of space. It embraces abstraction, reinterpretation and unanswerable questions - inviting readers to decide. The content of the zine is produced with and for students, academics and professionals, while the team curates, adapts and restructures the zine to the theme’s changing definition. It is made using a collaborative, all-are-invited and a ‘what’s more?’ approach. The zine attempts to use a single microcosm to shed light on issues to broaden all minds.



The Manchester School of Architecture Debating Union (MSADU) was established by students to encourage a formal platform for architectural debate outside of the design studio. In a traditional debating format, students, tutors and external speakers discuss architecture with an audience outside of the School and establish new dialogues. This year MSADU have organised the debates: Architect vs Engineer: Who knows best?; To redevelop or to preserve?; and, the first virtual discussion, Is architecture feasible as an online degree?



The Events subgroup for MSSA builds upon the architectural community and is a great way to collaborate with students across different year groups. Events set up by the team promote inclusion and a healthy social life outside of studio! The responsibilities of the events team include organising events such as architecture themed pub quizzes, nights out with guest DJs and the end of year ball. Being a part of the events team is a fun and creative way to provide a platform for all within the school!



WOAH is a non-profit student design collective, predominantly focused on the issue of homelessness and all associated issues surrounding it, such as community, housing and poverty. We mainly consist of architecture students and have worked on both research and design projects alongside charities, ex-homeless artists and architectural firms. WOAH came into existence in 2015 in reaction to the removal of the homeless encampment underneath the Manchester way, opposite the hatch development. This year we put on a series of lectures that focused on housing and the way our cities are shaped. The first focused on financialization, policy and poverty. We had talks from John Silver and Richard Goulding authors of From Homes to Assets as well as Stuart Hodgkinson author of Safe as Houses. The second lecture was a more detailed look at the councils coming up with innovative ways of building new social and affordable housing. For this the research was presented by Professor Janice Morphet and Dr Ben Clifford of the Bartlett school of planning.



MSA&U is a student-led initiative that focuses on the wellbeing of students, here at the Manchester School of Architecture. It was initiated in November 2019 and has worked hard in taking actions that attempt to replace the architecture student culture of competition, no social life and all-nighters with one of collaboration, understanding and mutual support. Some of these include placing kettles and free tea in each open studio to encourage students to take short breaks and have a chat; pairing students from different years to initiate a dialogue between year groups; spreading positivity on social media (@msaandu on Instagram) and organising weekly yoga sessions for students and staff.

Architecture Student Network


The Architecture Student Network is an independent network of student representatives from the schools of architecture within the United Kingdom. We host events all over the nation, bringing together people from all schools and all backgrounds to discuss issues that don’t just affect our individual universities, but the entire profession. This year we hosted an event in Newcastle where we heard from some interesting speakers and had incredible discussions about our experiences. The event resulted in a written letter that contained our findings to be presented to the RIBA president in person, also later being sent to the ARB and other change makers. The society is a great way to make meaningful change while also creating friendships all over the nation.

MSSA Photography

MSSA Photography

With humble origins as a group of avid photographers helping out documenting events, MSSA Photography has flourished in the past 2 years to run termly photography competitions and showcases of work. Shortlisted entries are featured across our social media and printed in MSSA publications. In the past year, we also organised workshops to help students get more into photography and improve their skills.

Before You’re Thirty


Before You’re 30 is a student led organisation, which belongs to MSSA. We organise architecture talks given by the professional architects and people working in a built environment. The events take place once a month. Usually 3 speakers are invited to talk for 30 minutes each. After every talk there is a Q&A. Once the event is over, there is a great networking opportunity with the speakers. The event takes a place in a venue which feels more casual rather than a formal lecture hall to create a relaxed atmosphere for all.

Contact us

The MSSA is always looking for speakers, collaborators, new committee members and people to get involved with our subgroups.

Join our committee: MSA students can join our committee at any time during the year, we’re always happy to meet committed individuals. Come to any one of our meetings, Thursday, 8th Floor Chatham Tower, 9am.