As part of our alignment with our sister courses in the MSA our MLA2 students take part in a range of distinct and collaborative pedagogies across their final year.

Our largest ever network of landscape practitioners, academics and external partners have made generous and insightful contributions to our courses through lectures, guest tutorials, practitioner reviews and visits. We’d like to thank everyone who has engaged with us and our fantastic students, and we’re looking forward to what next year brings.

In our MLA2 studio units students experience their thesis projects within our distinctive MSA ateliers. Ateliers are thematically led collectives of students and staff from multiple courses and years, united by a shared approach to the built environment. Next year we are excited to be adding two more MSA ateliers to the landscape options.

In Research Methods Workshops, MLA2 form mixed groups in full collaboration with MArch1 students to work on a research project led by MSA staff.

As our Dissertation and Professional Practice units continue over the summer, we wish our students a successful and enjoyable end to their studies here.

MLA2 Ateliers