All projects creatively explore novel processes through which ideas and concepts are developed, distilled and translated into architectural design propositions, negotiating the intersections of aesthetics, purpose and performance to create spatial and environmental qualities and experiences. Within this, all modes of making are seen as an ongoing and continual process integral to design development and exploration, not solely for communication or representation.

Individually, all projects incorporate analogue, digital and hybrid methods of modelling, model-making, constructing, prototyping and iterative testing to suit the individual research interests, expertise and curiosities of atelier tutors and students. Open-ended explorations and creative experimentation is central to a creative approach in uncovering possibilities and design opportunities in sites and briefs. All projects make spatial/ architectural propositions that are the focus of experimentation and testing.

Atelier Staff

Matt Ault
Matt Ault Senior Lecturer, School Technologies Lead (BA) View profile
Amy Hanley
Amy Hanley Senior Lecturer View profile
Professor Stephen Hodder
Professor Stephen Hodder Professor of Architecture View profile
Neil Allen
Neil Allen Tutor (BA2 Studio and Skills, "Infrastructure Space" and "SKN" Ateliers) View profile
Julie Fitzpatrick
Julie Fitzpatrick Tutor (MSA LIVE, "AND" Atelier) View profile
Harry Hoodless
Harry Hoodless Tutor ("SKN" Atelier) View profile

Atelier projects and students