I am a professionally accredited architect with a demonstrated history of working in architecture practice and an experienced senior lecturer at the Manchester School of Architecture. My learning and teaching is grounded in architectural pedagogy, having a postgraduate certificate in academic practice and being fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I co-lead the Advanced Practice Atelier where we initiate sustainable design projects with building industry collaborators, community groups and academic researchers.

Recent projects involving BA & MArch students includes:

  • On the drawing Board - Mount Pleasant Farm Build Project - Adaptive Reuse of a modular prefab barn in the Peak District National Park
  • On the drawing Board - Affordability and extending the reach and impact of sustainable design
  • Ongoing – The North Manchester Health Campus - Idea generation, contributing to a live project
  • Solar Decathlon Finalists
  • Future Didsbury Project & Documentary engaging civic societies & Man-United's Disability Consultant
  • Mass Timber Construction and Modern Methods of Construction
  • Town Hall Renovation - Engaging sustainable renovation of a grade 1 listed building.
  • Building as a Material Bank Competition
  • Ste[a]m - the evolution of the laboratory's: Exploring change in architecture design strategies.
  • Contact Theatre Project - temporary performance spaces design

I am also currently studying part-time to complete a PhD in Architecture at The University of Manchester. My ongoing research focuses on architecture role in the negotiation of a common building type, the Bank Branch.



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