Current PhD projects / Manchester Metropolitan University

Joy Burgess
Joy Burgess Uncovering the Role of Women in Post-War Landscape Architecture in Britain More details
Sarah Day
Sarah Day Ageing and Inequality: Using feminist architectural practices in the design of healthy ageing public space More details
Hannah Dixon
Hannah Dixon Retrofitting Neighbourhoods More details
Lisa Kinch
Lisa Kinch The Telephone Exchange Building (1940-1981) Technology, ‘Official Architecture’ and the State More details
Loretta Lipworth
Loretta Lipworth Construction site affects and the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) More details
Charlotte McLean
Charlotte McLean Landscape Planning, Infrastructure and Ecology: Scottish Landscape Architecture through the work of Mark Turnbull (1943-1916) More details
Solon Solomou
Solon Solomou Incorporating subjective rationality in decision-making mechanism for agents in urban simulative models More details
Mahmud Tantoush
Mahmud Tantoush Urban Morphology in the Big Data age: Exploring Aspects of Urban Form through Crowdsourced Urban Data More details
Gunter Wehmeyer
Gunter Wehmeyer Design Flourishing: Flourishing with Nature in Emerging Design More details
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams We Versions: An Auditory Investigation of Coventry Inner Ring-Road More details

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