Empowering Futures: A Journey to Lasting Change

Inspired by the rich architectural history of Preston, my architecture project aims to foster a seamless dialogue between the past, present, and future, while tackling the social issues present in the City. 

Understanding that young people are the future of the city, I developed a social agenda that aims to tackle the exceedingly high crime rate in Preston. By providing a safe and nurturing environment, my proposal seeks to empower vulnerable young individuals through education, fostering a healthy lifestyle, and promoting community cohesion. The creation of a dedicated youth club serves as the cornerstone of this vision, leveraging the power of team sports to promote physical and mental well-being. Scientifically proven to trigger the release of endorphins, team sports have the potential to instil happiness, relaxation, and a sense of belonging among participants.

The design of the youth club draws inspiration from Preston’s architectural vernacular while ensuring a contemporary manifestation. The materials chosen are sustainable and locally sourced, emphasizing a commitment to environmental responsibility. Each aspect of the building program has been thoughtfully crafted to make a positive impact at every scale. From the welcoming interior spaces that foster a sense of belonging to the overall improvement of biodiversity in the area, the youth club aims to address both the immediate needs of young individuals and the broader social issues plaguing the city.