The BA at Manchester School of Architecture equips future architects with a holistic knowledge of the discipline in order to form creative professionals, critical free-thinkers and engaged citizens. This booklet is a small selection of the students’ work.

We have developed new integration strategies with Technologies and Humanities areas, so Design Studio, being the unit core each year, becomes a real laboratory of techniques and theories, including Climate Action and a reflection on Contemporary Practices (especially in Year 3). In our efforts to create a more integrated programme, the Skills Programme (including the Advanced Digital Design workshops) has become a strong tool in supporting the students’ learning experience.

As you can see, there is no ‘MSA style’. We pride ourselves in offering a diverse approach to architecture with a broad range of architectural languages, starting in year 1 and year 2, continuing with different humanities electives in year 3, and culminating in a rich offer provided by the eight Ateliers. This is not just a reflection on Manchester multicultural ethos: it reflects the breadth of contemporary architecture and the high international profile of the programme.