Craft for Well-being

Using the brief of a Guild as a starting point, I developed the concept of using craft as a tool for well-being. Through research this developed into creating spaces, to make, exhibit and socialise with the community. The focus and key driver of this design was the development of a passageway and courtyard to bring the community together, which intern, improves mental health. The courtyard is enriched with a brise soleil design that merges the line between inside and out, creating a microclimate to be enjoyed by the Preston community. The series of images I have chosen to showcase the blend of the natural material pallet and greenery to create a tranquil atmosphere in the passage, promoting well-being. In the internal spaces, the focus was creating working environment with natural sunlight, through window placements, atriums in the new buildings, and glass extensions to the pre-existing heritage buildings. Researching new developments in building regulations focused on well-being and mental health helped develop the scheme and refine the internal and external spaces. Using the existing buildings in this Continuity in Architecture project was an extremely interesting addition to the brief and something that I am passionate about, and something I would like to pursue going forward in my architectural career.