Mayfield Centre for Food Research and Development

The aim of the proposal focuses on designing a research and development centre for the future of food technology at the entrance of Mayfield to reconnect the area to Manchester City Centre, acting as a gateway into the area. This provides nourishment to the forgotten area of Manchester by bringing it new life. All food practices carried out are intended to address the climate emergency by growing on-site to reduce food miles and develop ethical food practices which can be used everywhere. This will introduce organic food growth, fungi cultivation and ethical bee farming to improve food production methods in the future. The design uses biomimicry and natural flowing forms to create a journey through nature to enhance user experience and improve well-being through sensory experiences, tactile spaces and pockets of green space. By creating green space and retaining existing trees this improves the ecology of the site to reduce the designs carbon footprint. Green spaces include sedum plants, wildflowers and habitat walls for bees and insects, which encourages biodiversity to flourish throughout Mayfield, a step to creating greener cities for the future.