Lancashire Film Hub

Lancashire Film Hub is a project that presents a gathering place orchestrated around cinema in the heart of Preston. It features an extensive library with mediatheque spaces dedicated to the study of this art as well as an adjacent building with picture theatres and a cafe. It is proposed as a multidisciplinary building that allows cinema to be discovered both in an academic and individual environment and in a recreational and social one.

Mimicking its functionality, the shapes that make up its structure reflect the disparate essence of the spaces they house. The library is an ample, circular space with a high ceiling tiled roof and a curtain wall. This gentle design contrasts with the adjacent building, of brick and pointed shapes. At its junction, the façade takes triangular shapes that seem to emulate the collision between these two structures. The previously mentioned tilted roof is walkable, making the building an active part of the landscape of the area. Thanks to this, the proposal offers paths around the site that lead you up to overlooking views of the Preston Bus Station, a homage to one of the most architecturally relevant buildings in the city.

I would conclude by saying that the purpose of the proposal is to revitalize Preston by creating a 'hub' around film that introduces new ways of conceiving its consumption and, simultaneously, poses an intricate and engaging aesthetic dichotomy.