Urban Intensifier

The site my project is situated on is composed of two plots of land: a smaller plot that is occupied by the small car workshop and a bigger one. The Second one is most interesting - in the past, it was a street and now it is a narrow parcel with one side for accessing it. The arches that were storage places in the past that are now abandoned and cut off

The project’s aim was to turn an abandoned plot of land into a place where people from Mayfield and beyond can freely work, co-work, and upskill. The arches and the new structure inhabit co-work space, small seminar spaces, workshops, computer space, and a library of things called Usufruct library.
Following Jane Jacobs’ insight into link between the urban life and socio-economic complexity the aim is to create an environment where people come, develop their work and skills, and give it back to Mayfield. With time it triggers positive feedback of increased activity that people can use to develop an urban fabric in Mayfield that can host further social and economic activities.

I tried to explore some topics that I am interested in and that I think are important, e.g. urban complexity, and urban development, and couple them with the project. th aim was to create a place that acts as a catalyst for new activities in the area and thus becomes a socio-economic positive feedback loop.