Burnley After School Centre

This scheme is a combination of an after-school centre and community kitchen, aimed to provide a supportive, safe, and educational environment for school-aged children in Burnley. Taking into consideration the accelerating rate of food insecurity within the UK, and especially among families with children, the goal of the centre is to provide a space for the community to share food and meals together, and to learn about nutrition, cooking, and gardening, establishing connections between various sectors throughout the town.

The structure consists of an large, open-space kitchen on the ground floor, and a flexible/open-layout space on the first floor, which would serve as a dining area, after-school hall, and event space. Throughout the academic year, children could have the possibility to visit the building and have breakfast in the morning, and a place to occupy, share meals together and study after school. Between those times the building could serve as a community kitchen for other economic actors affected by food insecurity. During weekends and holidays the centre could host a range of events for the community involving cooking and sharing food, workshops concerning the arts, and classes.

From a design standpoint, the structure was built for disassembly and future material reuse. The concept of a circular economy is a focal point of the &rchitecture atelier, which is why I wanted to heavily employ that principle into the scheme. This was done through the use of recyclable materials, such as a timber frame and first floor timber cladding system, the ground floor clay tile facade, and a steel roof. Many elements of the building are prefabricated, and designed for easy and quick disassembly, to allow for their reuse in future projects once the building's function is obsolete.