Situated in Preston, the SHRED SHED is a bustling youth center that serves the local community while paying homage to the city’s industrial past. The centre features two expansive portal frame structures that house a thrilling skatepark, captivating art exhibition, spray booths, and an indoor bouldering room situated within a restored derelict mill. Moreover, an exterior climbing wall is built into the buildings action packed facade. To seamlessly integrate these structures, a network of bridges connects them, creating a unified and flowwing space where different activities seamlessly flow into one another. Within this architectural scheme, a dedicated coworks building provides an ideal environment for ground work, meetings, and counseling sessions, fostering a strong sense of community. The building forms of the SHRED SHED in Preston create diverse thresholds, a captivating promenade, and pockets of social interaction, culminating in the formation of a vibrant alleyway. This thoughtful design enhances the overall scheme and benefits the entire community. What truly sets the SHRED SHED apart is the innovative design approach integrating strategically placed projecting bay windows throughout the building, blurring the boundaries between the interior and the exterio. The inclusion of a steel roller door on the skatepark further enhances this dynamic, allowing the public realm to seamlessly merge with the vibrant interior.