Aesthete: A deep understanding, appreciation and sensitivity to the beauty of nature.  

The proposal aims to connect the climate emergency - a low priority for the community around the site,  to beer (and community spaces), a high priority for the community. This is done through the idea “There will be no beer!”, if there is no ecosystem.  

My proposal centres around a microbrewery which acts as a tool to help people reposition themselves as part of a much larger process involving non-human actors. The brewing process acts as a starting point to learn more about how deeply intertwined we are with the natural world. The bar thereby fosters a community space that highlights the role of the natural world in their everyday lives. 

The building itself considers grain as a user group and uses grain for the fabric buildup of the building. Furthermore, all services are guided through non-human intervention. This forms self sufficient systems that produce more energy than they consume.

The programme is furthered by the special edition library and writers hub which focus on producing more accessible forms of media on the climate emergency to help relearn our interactions with nature. 

The landscape aims to put to practise the ideas promoted by the brewery. The walkway winds around the existing contours and the topography of the site. This controlled and deliberate circulation creates moments of interaction between human and non human species. The proposal focuses on appreciating nature and relearning how to interact with non-human species respectfully.