Unity Through Sport

Racism has been a problem in Burnley for a while. Since the 2001 race riots there has been a divide, more specifically between White and Asian people. This is emphasised with movements such as the British National Party - a far-right, fascist political party who won its first seat in 2009 after 8,000 votes - as well as events such as the White Lives Matter Burnley plane banner in 2020, flown in Manchester during a televised Burnley F.C. 

I believe that racist characteristics are engrained passively from a young age. To counteract this, my project is a Football centre where children from ages of 3-10 years old can play. This will help build community via social activity, allowing positive relationships to be formed. This will change the stereotype within Burnley and allow a closer community, more understanding of one another.

To make a real impact on the problem, this project needs to be used for a long period of time. Therefore, designing for longevity was key to my scheme. Using recyclable materials such as timber aids re-use to allow the build to be well maintained and used over time. Designing for de-construction also allows the build to be dismantled but keeps the site usable, allowing for reconstruction at the end of the life cycle without emitting harmful toxins through demolition, which will benefit the health of my economic actor at such a young age.

Furthermore, high crime rates in Burnley mean children are exposed to paths of life that aren’t beneficial for their future. The longer it stays open, the more children it will benefit. This would pass our characteristics and lessons to lots of different generations and build a stronger community within Burnley, while diverting my economic actor away from negativity through a healthy and energizing activity.