MSA International have been working across many wide-ranging events, taking care of various aspects of internationalisation across the school.

We continue to build connections between our school and the international school of Architecture. We have been engaging in a series of international events, such as informative session for EU Students in BA Architecture; an International Alumni event, ‘Eat the City’ Food event and Film competition; and Venice Biennale Fellow 2023, to name a few. We also offer various activities supporting our international students struggling with unforeseen events. Currently we are planning a new language assistance and summer school program for students with English as a second language.

Our school is truly international and diverse, with 40% of overseas students, and staff that is growing and becoming more culturally diverse. We are working hard on creating a space to dive deep into the incredible potential in range of cultures, nationalities, and languages that make up our school. Our intention is to celebrate the diversity of our school and encourage links with other international schools. This could be done formally through exchange programmes or informally through unit / course study trips and workshops.

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