Cleethorpes renewable energy complex centre (CRECC)

Developing renewable energy is one of the global trends in dealing with the climate crisis and achieving Net Zero in our time and the near future. The Paris Agreement, technological gaps and time gaps form the carbon markets, a key tool helps to drive emissions from the economy by effectively putting a price on pollution. Cleethorpes is a city with rich renewable energy source near North Sea.

The project is aiming to design a renewable energy complex centre, that not only building a future carbon market space, but also trying to connect the booming renewable industry with the local community that suffering from high unskilled unemployment rate and underdeveloped local economy.

The trading centre has a hybrid trading system including carbon trading, energy trading and product/patent trading, for carbon market has its temporality, and renewable energy project developer also act as a crucial role in carbon trading. The centre has R&D offices to support the trading and the offshore industries. To link the local community better, the centre also provides education programmes, teaching the local unskilled people with renewable-industry-related skills. There is also a train station on site connecting the offshore piers, supporting local tourism and retailing, avoiding over-reliance on single industry to reduce local development risks.

The structure of the main buildings is designed as structural expressed and using steel trusses to keep the long span for future adaptation. The centre intends to explore how the future renewable industry centre can be and this can be applied to other places that has that opportunity around the world thus forming a renewable energy network that connects the local economy and industries.