In this fast-paced & ever-changing world, we are constantly innovating and experiencing things at rapid speeds. What happens if our daily speed of living is reduced by a life-changing event? 

The 'New Move Institute' is a proposal for an innovative rehabilitation centre that aims to unify the spectrum of movement impairments into one building that will offer acceptance, support and the equipment necessary for people with movement impairments to resume their life more easily and help them re-enter the collective in full force. Not only does the institute's mantra encompass the rehabilitation process of the users, but also the search for new technology that enables quicker manufacturing & more efficient prosthesis’, wheelchairs & walking aids within the heart of the institute: 'The Move Workshop' will utilise MMU’s already established PrintCity and its resources to explore the opportunities & benefits of 3D printing for a bigger purpose.   

The proposal will be open to the public and aims to serve the local community as well as the North as a leading centre of innovational healthcare that not only aims to treat & research but also act through preventive measures. Students will receive contact and learning opportunities, with real patients in a clinical facility and help where it really matters. While the research and psychology departments will be engaging with the well-being and solutions of the users, the building itself will depict movement both quick and slow creating an 'Ode to Movement' in its own.