Inspired by Frei Otto and the Libertarian Paternalism theory, my BA3 project focused on morphologies externally and spatial effects in the internal environment.

Through performance-driven form-finding, I investigated the relationship between the shapes of high-rise buildings and their adjacent environments. After carrying out environmental optimisations, I delivered a tower with an adaptive facade system to tune the internal environment by controlling and utilising radiation and natural ventilation.

Internally, the brief requires a proposal for a high-rise office tower. My main focus was to respond through architecture to the emergence of post-Covid live-work lifestyles. With a proposition of a paternalism community that drives people to work more efficiently while maintaining work-life balance, I utilised parametric strategies to design floor plans that accommodate a central open space that gradually transforms into multiple discrete rooms for private activities. The union of diverse working environments allows users to experiment with various working patterns while discovering the balance between diligence and well-being.