The Mayfield Park regeneration scheme is yet another example of urban design that has left out the needs of the people of Ardwick, a community that has been cut off from the city centre since the construction of the Mancunian Way in the 1960s.

Sonic Journeys explores bridging the Mancunian Way and readjusting the soundscape of the area as a tool for connecting residents to Mayfield park and revitalising Ardwick.

Despite Manchester’s rich music culture, there is little to no programmes that make music education accessible to low-income families. By tapping into the existing network of music venues surrounding Mayfield and providing a much-needed space for the youth of Ardwick, a sound centre for accessible music education will be established. A small-scale museum of local music history and a performance venue will accompany.

Taking a holistic approach to designing a centre for music education, users are encouraged to listen and be inspired by the sounds of the site. Amplified and transformed, the rumble of the Mancunian Way, the rustle of trees and the rhythm of raindrops on the roof will accompany users’ journey through the building.

Establishing the basis for a community of sound, Sonic Journey’s envisages a future Ardwick that the go to destination for music and culture in Manchester.