Privacy and personal space, notions that are getting harder to associate with in today’s technologically driven society where big corporations follow our every move and subject us to constant physical and digital surveillance. We have become depersonalised and detached from basic human rights for the sake of technological advancement. Nothing belongs to us anymore, even our private space; everything personal exists somewhere in the contemporary datasphere. I want this thesis to enlighten this issue and serve as a tool to fight the surveillance capitalism and reclaim our privacy.

I started this thesis by looking closely into physical and digital privacy through the ‘eye’ of architecture and how the emerging metaverse combines those into one phygital environment. In Studio 1, I explored hidden multidimensional narratives of surveillance through a non-verbal film structure. In Studio 2, I used movement as a generator of form to psychologically define the movement through privacy dimensions and create a seamless transit between them. In Studio 3, I have reinvented privacy through interdimensional architecture composition communicated by a film that follows a spatial cinematic sequential narrative, which journey enables privacy and security in every dimension.

The audio-visually exploration of privacy was the output from the investigation. My idea of creating privacy is dynamic; designing privacy cannot be something still or constant, it’s an everchanging movement through dimensions as the world evolves and as the new becomes old. The final phygital design consists of a living building form that duplicates and reproduces like every other living organism with the help of satellites transmitting privacy signals, making it impossible to be tracked, it erases old territories, old data, old digital twins and creates new ones, even more secure than the previous ones, which preserves our personal space in the phygital world indefinitely.