The building would work well with the neighbourhoods and creates a lively community. As a new building for the campus, it provides a relaxing place for school students and staffs to relieve their pressure, build connections, give support to each other and strengthen academic professions. As a friendly 'greenland' for residentials around, it welcomes people to achieve a healthier lifestyle and wellbeing. The site provides greenery to the area while bringing nature to the urban zone, linking different uses of buildings together. Various performances of the building, including clinic service, therapy, planting, cafe, gym and events will work together to boost the economy in this area.

The building has water recycle and reuse system, efficient energy services, low operational energy and a on-site ecosystem. Materials are selected considering building economics and have low embedded energy.  Carbon neutral strategies of the building also contributes to its sustainable life cycle in the long-term.

Overall, the building will benefit communities, the environment and the economy.