My thesis is about exploring how breaking architectural uniformity can be applied to the revitalisation process in the heart of Marple.The birth of Marple's new town centre will give a major boost to the revitalisation of the entire Marple heartland. In particular, the new market in the specific traditional sense and the timbered high-rise appartments, which are different from the existing buildings, will welcome a diverse range of people and town functions to Marple.

The market is more like a product of an overdue period, connecting the old and the new Marple. I chose to present the new material, timber, boldly on the façade of the market  and also to break with the consistency of local building materials that had been in place for a long time through the structure. However, the impression of Marple's past has not disappeared and one can feel it in the stone.

The flats in Marple are catering for the majority of young people who at the same time want to be close to nature. Another advantage is the proximity of Marple to Manchester, which allows them to work and live in Manchester. At the same time, this is a modular timber building design that allows for a very simple and fast  construction process.  For the requirements of the load-bearing structure, I chose to have opted for a  sustainable design with a maximum amount of visible timber.