This project starts from the unbalanced development between urban and rural areas under the pressure of urbanization, which results in the problem of the decline of rural areas and the increase of left-behind people. It takes Baojing Dong Village as an example, considering how to achieve regional revival through the development of sustainable industry under the impact of industrialization and urbanization. Based on the traditional handmade textile production steps of the Dong people, this project plans to develop a new handmade textile industry in Baojing by integrating the production chain and product innovation. The design of these factories incorporates the basic features and construction methods of traditional architectures in Baojing, and further improves materials and spatial arrangements, aiming to provide villagers with a good working and living environment. The new industry will be implemented with the villager owned cooperative business model in Baojing village to maximize interests for villagers, which enhance the development potential of the industry, as well as sustainable development in the future, and achieve multiple revivals in economic, cultural, social and other aspects of the region.