For delivery drivers, by delivery drivers

Based on observations and research of delivery drivers who live and work in Beijing, the project explores the issue of space deprivation for this group in the city. This project hopes to find a solution to the issue through the architecture, and build a space for the delivery drivers in the original city with limited land. At the same time, this proposal also hopes to strengthen communication and interaction between different groups, eliminate other groups' prejudice against delivery drivers, and ease the antagonistic relationship between different groups in the city. Therefore, the project is considered to retrieve the living and working spaces of delivery drivers from the city and improve their reality by using flexible structures and materials that can be easily assembled and disassembled to build temporary or permanent buildings.

Sustainability, low-cost construction, flexibility and mobility are the characteristics of the project, which requires more attention to the material and technology strategies. As for the material strategy, the project hopes to use a large number of waste materials, recycling and dismantling delivery cars and boxes, and then reuse them in the building. As for the technical strategy, all the building components in this project can be divided into modules of less than one meter. The reason for this is that the components of less than one meter can be transported by delivery cars, allowing the delivery driver to participate in the construction process, and also reducing the interference of large transportation equipment to the surrounding environment of the site. Smaller modules are also easier to disassemble and assemble. As for the construction process, the project hopes to be built entirely by delivery drivers, who are not only users of the community, but also builders of the community.