About the Project:

Carbon Neutral Mobility was forged out of the increasingly urgent need to address the huge part that the transportation sector plays in carbon emissions. In today's climate, a 0 carbon city is more relevant than ever and ought to be of an utmost priority.

The project aims to design a tool that would aid planners in understanding the factors that contribute to a city layout that supports and encourages the use of greener transport options like public and active transportation in order to help inform their decisions in their job.

The tool starts off with some input parameters where the planners make their choices. It then generates a city layout and has simulate its inhabitants travel habits and journeys in order to predict the carbon emissions from transportation from that layout.

The tool is currently only applicable for the Victoria North site, due to our collaboration with Manchester City Council and Far East Consortium. However, we aim for it to be applicable in more areas internationally.

About Me:

I have a personal interest towards computation and strongly believe in its value and contribution towards Architecture in terms of streamlining the construction process, aiding design interrogation and determining functionality, as well as helping with decision making.

I have experience working in international inter-disciplinary firms and genuinely enjoy any opportunity to learn from other trades and am a strong advocate for learning from all walks of life.