The long-term vision of Intra-China EXPO is to break down cultural barriers and regional discrimination and prejudice between the regions of China and to build positive relationships between the regions of China. The Expo has played an positive role in "regional discrimination". It is a bottom-up approach to solving problems and it is a way of awakening the dormant independent minds of citizens.

The first Intra-China EXPO is held in Shanghai. The Sounds Experiential Pavilion is based on creating a number of cultural and social acoustic environments (soundscape) to attract people to visit and experience during the EXPO. These sounds include the sounds of centuries-old trams, dialects, hawkers, opera, or the sound of camel bells in the deserts of northwest China. When visitors enter, they become part of the soundscape, and the sounds of their actions and activities are integrated into the soundscape.

Involving people in the soundscape created in this building is part of breaking down regional discrimination and prejudice, and they will be able to experience the history and culture of each region through an auditory experience. In addition, using sound as a medium allows people to learn about culture they were previously unaware of from a sonic perspective, and allows them to empathize with each other through the experience.

After the EXPO, the pavilion will be preserved to continue to serve the cultural life of the public and contribute to a lasting cultural heritage. Its long-term vision is to continue to focus on the cultural heritage of sound and to draw attention to the interesting sounds that are usually overlooked. The sound library and sounds bank will also be relocated to the pavilion for those interested in acoustic research.