My BA3 Architecture studio project had begun by searching for a proposition in exploring an existing faculty; Brooks, Faculty of Health and Education as the ‘client’. 

Medics Centre designed in response to the existing social and faculty factors of Brooks Building of Health and Education incorporates three facilities in utilisation, of which are a Paramedics Centre, a Pharmacy and an Apothecary. 

The spaces have an interlink with one another creating flux environments in between meanwhile, enhancing the services offered by Paramedics and improving NHS standards in the backing of their recent programme of providing UK paramedics with the ability to prescribe medicine. 

On the other hand, Brooks Faculty of Health and Education’s want for the introduction of Paramedics Science as an addition to their educational programme, allows students to take part in placements near campus. 

The pharmacy offers a drive-through service, inspired by the concept designed by NBBJ Architects in consideration of future pandemics and epidemics. It is a concept where vaccinations can be performed via a drive-through. Meanwhile, prescriptions can also be ordered and picked up.

Automated artificial technology is used to dispense the medication through to the pharmacy shop floor as well as the drive-through, increasing efficiency. 

Lastly, an apothecary provides the option for natural medicines made on site. It also provides a space for students of health, well-being and chemistry from Brooks Faculty of Health to attend work placements.