Stockport, once a famous and thriving market town, has lost its old charm and enthusiasm after the industrial revolution. To restore the energy the city once had, this project has been undertaken in the centre of Stockport by the river Mersey. Being a part of the Atelier SKoN (Some Kind of Nature) helps in providing a design solution to the global climate and biodiversity crisis and giving nature a more dominant position than humans.

The proposal mainly encompasses a vegan restaurant and an accompanying greenhouse that grows fruits and vegetables by means of modern aquaponic vertical farming. This prevents the use of artificial fertilisers and reduces the use of water by 90% as compared to the old school irrigation technology. Additionally, an accompanying culinary school will teach children to cook various vegan recipes. 

This site is earmarked by a farmer's market which aims to revive the local economy by creating an active hub where consumers and restaurants can purchase fresh goods directly from stalls as opposed to from dull supermarkets. The farmer's market should also allow restaurants to reduce environmental and financial costs related to the transportation of goods, as restaurants can just buy their goods from the farmer's market itself.