Gen Z and younger have become reliant on the need for technology in day to day life. Algorithms have driven an addiction to technology, by creating a world of socials designed specifically for a user. This isn’t the case within the built environment in our world today, but how might this look in the future?

Through the exploration of phygital psychogeography, I used the methods of the Situationists and Bernard Tschumi overlayed with the digital world Gen Z live within. Using TikTok and Instagram algorithmic inputs for Citizen Z, I have defined the right to his city of Manchester by re-imagining the spaces that Citizen Z uses day to day. Taking inspiration from Bernard Tschumi and The Situationists, I dissect the reality of standard life, by imposing a digital reality by explicitly representing a digital reality that is already in existence but its currently only implicit. The approach visualises a phygital future that brings the two worlds together.