Towards the Trees 

In my project, I’m trying to address the climate crisis through education and long-term action. I’m creating a school for neurodiverse children based on the democratic and forest education philosophies. I want to create an environment where learning is fun and available to all on their own terms. I want the students to interact with nature and non-humans on a daily basis and learn about natural processes through first-hand experience. Studies show that this helps develop deep friendships, respect and understanding of nature in children, which leads to them becoming responsible and environmentally conscious adults. 

My school consists of four cylinders with classrooms, divided into departments, and an organic multi-use circulation/social space covered with a curvy timber canopy. The school also has access to a big green area on the riverside divided into outside classrooms, learning and social spaces and forest schooling areas. The students are encouraged to transition freely between the outside and the inside to adjust the learning environment to their needs and make use of all the amenities my school is offering.