Sustainability is key in every single design project, the beauty of architecture can be found through that. Light plays an essential role in design, and I can confirm, that without light there is no architecture possible.

My project inserts hydroponic farming into a service station, and introduces the idea of "healthy driving". After analysing current service stations throughout the UK, I have realised that fast food is predominant in almost every single one. A healthy diet can be decisive into leading a healthy lifestyle. This is why giving a different purpose to a service station creates this new design. Where food is locally produced, as well as transportation costs are reduced to a minimum, bringing the prices for healthier food affordable.

The Infra-Structure atelier has inspired me into a new mindset, where thinking about the future is vital for any design decisions. Especulating about how the project would be in a near future made me go through an incredible process of thought. I adapted the design to a closer time, however I wanted to give a taste of what it could evolve into.