This project aimsto explore and establish a symbiosis between declining human habitats and natural forces in the area in order to recover the livelihood of both parties in the context of Stockport. 

Stockport, Manchester is home to a declining demographic due to the threat of flooding and climate change at its door. Despite its long unique history in urban development, the area is struggling with depopulation, unprogrammed spaces, and the threat of natural disaster. 

Deteriorated buildings and abandoned neighborhoods with strands of regrowing nature have become a usual sight and have shown glimpse of nature finding its way back into the urban landscape. At the heart of the intervention, a wetland is curated to extend along Merseyway Shopping Centre to provide spaces for public activities and biodiversity. The wetland itself has been curated to protect against floods and rising tides. Parts of the shopping mall are underused and have been repurposed into a conservation center for native white-clawed crayfish. Spaces are reprogrammed to feature a nursery for endangered species, filtering stations for polluted water from the river, and a research center for education and awareness. These are considered semi-open platforms that overlap the human and natural circulation with sustainable measures for building operations.