Can you pinpoint where exactly your food came from? Our relationship with food has become more disconnected as society advances, we have lost sense of where the food on our plates comes from, or the journey that it has entailed. This detachment from food not only encourages unsustainable practices in the food industry but can lead to health concerns when convenience is prioritized over nutritional values. 

Market by the pier is a proposed project that reinvents how we consume our food by rekindling our connection with nature. The design aims to bring together local producers from Lincolnshire to create a hotspot filled with their local produce and cuisine. The architecture will work through urban acupuncture and act as a catalyst for development both in Grimsby and the surrounding towns. 

Contributing to fresher food supplies, the design features interactive elements including submersible walkways, produce atrium inspired by grow-your-own schemes, as well as catch and cook activities aimed to rebuild the bond between people and food. The form acts as a medium, facilitating interactions between humans and nature. This new outlook on consumption is reflected through the master planning of the site, which incorporates strategies to enable ecological diversity of the landscape including cultivating coastal wetlands and seaweed farming, providing both food security and learning experiences for visitors and locals.  

The project advocates for a model seeking to ensure food quality through more efficient distributions. Centered around shortening the distances between production and consumption, and allowing a better understanding of food sources while providing a unique dining experience. 

About me:
Part 1 Architecture student from Manchester School of Architecture motivated by the significance of the built environment and the way it influences our everyday life. I am particularly interested in exploring the delivery of holistic design approaches in residential and hospital designs.