Personally, I define the term "architecture" as a form of knowledge which enables me to express myself by using the fluidity of my thoughts and ideas by turning them into a complex structure which integrates the landscape with its natural shape to create an equilibrium between the environment and the humankind world. My passion towards nature continues by working towards net-zero design and looking into kinetic architecture which enables me to use the idea of motion in the scenery world as a technological physics tool to generate energy efficiency. Since our divorce from nature within the industrial revolution the major challenge for architecture remains a challenge of language as we replace a unit of growth with a unit of construction. The disastrous conditions had led to rethinking and modifying the understanding of the way we live, work and design. For centuries we have been thought to sketch, model and built in three dimensional forms, but the natural world consist of contexts that are much more dimensionally complex and dynamic. The aim of my work is to put a focus on my design perspective which seeks to explore form finding through understanding the geometry of shapes that could be find in nature. My objective is to design sculptural spaces which flow together and form a new kind of landscape, spaces that could provoke numerous feelings in the human being. To do that, I look at architecture as a bioproduct of a reciprocal action between given materials and conditions of the environment, to create a direct dialogue with its users and the existing surroundings. The Tranquil tower project reflects a drive to deliver an unconventional innovative design which priorities sustainability and user`s experience as two main objectives.