This project is a combination of a three main space: a vertical farm, research laboratories and accommodations for the homeless as part of the reinsertion scheme where we provide food and a living space while they obtain qualifications in various field ( animation of workshop, horticulture, manager, etc...). Homefarm would be part of the Manchester Metropolitan University's Health and Education faculty, by helping with research in method of growing plants, food packaging, food waste and our daily diet. Our aim is to produce healthy and local vegatable, fruit and mushroom and reach out to Manchester's community in order to limit our food importation consequently our carbon emisions footprint. The farming zone is a 360 degree glaze greenhouse and its environment is carefully controlled by the staff and student with the help of numerous environmental strategies such as geothermal heating and cooling, dynamic shading panel, natural crossed ventilation, solar panels, and the list is non-exhaustive.