I firmly believe that architecture should work hand-in-hand with nature as a dominant factor that determines whether a building is successful or not, is if the desired result has been achieved while considering design strategies as harmless as possible for the environment. Moreover, adopting a more sustainable approach would also take care of both the physical and psychological condition of a human being as we create a healthier environment for the users.

Addressing the topic of my studio project, in particular, I aspire to create and encourage interactions between people, no matter where they are staying within the building. Moreover, the configuration is designed in a way that each area also becomes a social space for the users.

How can the theatre be reused to play a key role in the local community?

As an actor B, I have chosen the youth as our site stands in an area dominated by young people under which more than 30 per cent of the population has no qualification, and the employment rate is very low. My proposal consists in transforming the existing space into a wood workshop with an upcycling furniture hub, a place where teenagers can learn a profession by doing manual work. In addition, since working on a refurbishment project, one of the key drivers I followed from the beginning had been preserving the authentical atmosphere of the theatre, re-purposing the existing features, and integrating them into the new concept.

The last images represent the synopses of my technologies assignments from the past year. Through them, I have started understanding how the RIBA Sustainable Outcomes shall be followed all over the design process, and I have further implemented these in my studio project.