The brief, Encounter and Exchange, calls for a design that will host an Art and Craft centre which will serve as a point of connection for the people in the city of Accrington. The proposal “The Kilns of Accrington” is a project that reuses the original Town Hall extension of the city, built in the 1970s and currently used for independent shops and the Police station. The aim is to revive this extension by reconnecting with Accrington’s tradition of ceramics with pottery workshops, an auditorium, studio spaces and an art shop. The idea that a city can be ever-changing yet retain its identity is what motivated me to research a tradition or craft specific to the town which could help further develop the city’s industries and bring the community together. The following drawings depict the proposal's spacial quality, which will strengthen human connection and create a lively environment for new and old generations to learn and experiment with new skills.

With that being said, I am a detail-oriented student interested in working full-time as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant in the city of Manchester. I am dedicated to designing spaces that improve existing landscapes and building to help serve the local communities with a focus on meeting energy demands for future generations. Previous experiences have strengthened my interest in fostering connectivity in urban spaces to unit people in a multi-dimensional framework with human, environmental, and physical connections