Where social inequality and inequity exist, it calls for necessary action to take place for the well-being of the people of Burnley. By proposing some impactful ideas to the city of Burnley, my project aims to improve the accessibility of these spaces for the elderly, encouraging them to engage with the community post-Covid. Where culture and community come hand in hand, my project aims to revive the cultural and community values of Burnley by introducing a central community and cultural hub for the elderly, accessible to all. Hence, “The Burnley Cultural and Community Hub”. My design comprises of a  gallery space, a performance space to preserve its cultural identity, and basic communal facilities such as a library, activity spaces, a multi-functional event space, and therapy spaces for their well-being. As I believe architecture and nature must coexist for the well-being of its occupants, my project follows a semi-open-like form with outdoor activity spaces, green roof terraces, vegetation, and green spaces throughout the building, with strong visual connections to these green spaces and canal. The goal is to fabricate a healthy environment in which the old and young coexist harmoniously by creating more inclusive spaces for the entire community regardless of contrasting age groups, ethnicities, and backgrounds, ensuring their well-being and a strongly connected community. The experience is to learn about the cultural identity of the Burnley Empire Theatre, be able to experience the space, and come together to enjoy the communal facilities of the building during their free time while being engulfed in nature. My area of interest in architecture is centered around community, culture, and nature. As an aspiring architect, I believe “a good design” should birth from a culmination of community values, cultural importance, inclusivity, and environmental concerns.