What if we reimagined the way we learn? What if we reconfigure the perception of research? This is the concept explored through the structure ‘The Omniversity’. The building itself is a research and study space that is built with longevity in mind.

My particular interest is looking at how structures can be designed for longevity and reuse. Thinking outside the box during this process is where I find the most enjoyment. In my current project, this was done by re­imaging what a column could be and how they can be used as central features of spaces. I accomplished this by creating D.N.A. flowing columns, which not only improved their visual appearance but also allowed them to perform differently where traditional columns would fail. 

Users' engagement with spaces is also another key interest of mine. I design spaces that are more playful whilst keeping a sense of professionalism which I feel traditional spaces such as offices and study areas are lacking. This is why I based my structure on the concept of improving these spaces both visually and practically. My structure is designed for study/social and research areas. Forcing people to connect through the use of architecture. 

I also particularly like digital modelling, and learning new software like rhino to better express my concepts and ideas. 3D modelling allows me to demonstrate these in ways where traditional hand-drawing and model making may struggle. Visualisations are very important for lots of my concepts so being able to improve these skills is going to be my next challenge over the next few years