The Waven Power Station / Redefining Cleethorpes’ Future Industry

Once a popular holiday destination, Cleethorpes has seen its former glory pioneering in fishery and recently offshore oil and gas trade. Over the years, however, this countryside town struggles to maintain its sense of appeal to the younger generations. With increasing focus in delivering national net-zero targets, its leading industry will also soon be phased out and replaced with renewable developments as part of future plans in the North-East Lincolnshire zone. In response to this Green Revolution, the Waven Project aims to regenerate Cleethorpes' future by developing a tidal energy power station from the perspective of hedonistic sustainability, while forging a new sense of regional identity with the integration of Community Energy networks.

The future of Cleethorpes will be a beacon for energy trading within the community, nation and the global region. The solution is a masterplan that is designated to elevate Cleethorpes' new tidal energy district. The system connects local infrastructures that support the tidal energy station, such as electric charging facilities, sustainable resorts and district energy networks. To enhance its relevance through public engagement, the project also welcomes and educates its visitors where the energy is coming from, therefore they will have a greater level of accountability when using it. The need to foster togetherness in the neighbourhood also sheds light to community-owned energy, giving Cleethorpes residents a greater sense of pride and ownership over the energy they use and produce.

With that, will tidal community energy regenerate into Cleethorpes' new future industry? Can sustainable tourism bring back Cleethorpes' old time charm?

We hope you have a pleasant visit.