As a student who spent almost half of my life exploring architecture, It has become a friend of mine.

my understanding of architecture has changed and updated over the years, this complex subject provides me opportunities to explore my various transdisciplinary interests, such as Psychology´╝î Humanities´╝î Sociology and Philosophy. architecture is more than building regulations and internal layouts for me, it's about continuously exploring every aspect of life and people. and I hope I could keep learning in my future career path.

Project description:

The Nomadland is a speculative device which examines the complex social and political conflicts extracted by the future mass development of the North Sea. It aims to reveal the particular characteristics of modern nomads and their plight in a constrained system.

Through the spatial construction and ethical narrative, the project creates an imaginary world that questions the alienation of capitalism and technology dependency in a broader context.

In Studio 1 and Studio 2 we used the lens of nomadism to analyze the North Sea from a wide angle, and then discovered the particular characteristics of modern nomad figures, and found their plight in a constrained system. This approach added ethical tones to our study and filled up the whole nomad theory. 

We combined objective speculation and subjective experience into an imaginary place in the North Sea called Nomadland. With a set of graphic novels for storytelling as well as another Notebook, an elaborate collection of group discussions, sketches, diagrams and final drawings, we are able to depict the Nomadland with different mediums and from different perspectives. 

This project is completed in a collaboration with Siqi Guo, Lingxi Tao and Qirui Wang.