The Workspace Oasis

What happens when nature happens? How can architecture work in synergy with nature? It is important to make space for wildlife in our growing cities. After its abandonment, Mayfield became a wasteland cleansing through nature. Reconnection with nature at the workspace is now more important than ever post-pandemic. The Workspace Oasis is a coworking hub that connects people to wildlife and biodiversity, merging the boundaries between the natural and built environment. The building brings back to life the forgotten river Medlock by showing the community how it is purified in exposed purifying workshop and celebrates it by verticalizing the water through the whole building- creating indoor waterfalls and integrating it into the floor structure. The idea of the project is to show how with proper care a forgotten element can become a catalyst for a biological system. Creating an open-air atrium allows Mayfield’s nature to continue to thrive without human touch- creating a space for wildlife species to invade the urban environment. The structure of the building wraps around nature, working simultaneously in it and around it- as a result, the biological elements become layers of architectural space. The exclusive cantilevered coworking rooms hang above the river, providing the users with intense visual and sensory experience. A journey through the building becomes a journey through Mayfield’s nature.