I aim to create architecture that may benefit both its users and the environment, through development and connection of relevant infrastructure, networks, and sustainability. 

This year's brief was open to allow us to choose a programme most appropriate for development in the town of Cleethorpes. Due to the regional development within the field of marine and renewable energy industries, I seeked to find a programme that would fit in a relevant niche that has not been yet filled. This has allowed my proposal to fit with the industries of the neighbouring towns, whilst creating an individual framework for future development. 

The client was an organisation concerned with regulations and enforcement to protect the ecology, heritage, and himan right within the marine industries. Programme chosen was a multi-office building, housing a data centre, which would allow the client to run the data processing required for their operation. Situated on a pier, this office would be able to use seawater to provide cooling for the data centre, as well as provide a connection to the sea that is imperative to the identity of the town.

With a central atrium, multiple programmes are mixed within the building, to allow multifunctionality that may provide comfort for its occupants. A further masterplan of the town seeks to create new networks and nodes, such as the pier and beach tramlines, along with the new Cleethorpes Tram-Train Interchange. 

This proposal seeks to regenerate the town, as well as create a drive for further commercial and business development that may benefit from the growth of marine and renewables industries around the Humber and the North Sea.